Idiosynchronic : Neuro tableaux

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This suite of paintings are the result of an ongoing collaboration with Dr. Elenor Morgenroth, initiated during my particpation in the 2021 Arts & Science residency program in Geneva, in partnership with Embassy of Foreign Artists, Flux Laboratory and Campus Biotech and the  MIP:LAB EPFL. These paintings will be presented at Campus Biotech in August 2024, bringing 3 years of collaborative exchange to a conclusion.

The paintings themselves are 1:1 reproductions of the MIP:Lab’s conference presentation posters based upon experiments which I observed and participated in throughout the residency program. Dr. Morgenroth and I collaborated in the composition of the original posters, which I then proceeded to re-produce as highly technical, academic oil paintings. 

These paintings attempt to frame the the social gap that is often encountered between scientific research and contemporary art. We deliberately avoided a collaboration where one discipline to appropriate knowledge from the other, instead aiming to capture a more complex space of resonance and resistance that splits our two domains of knowledge production. The works are visually explicit, yet ambigous in intention. They simultaneously manifest the emotional and conceptual expressions of our discipines across within the same subject/object.